Did you know that GE Hitachi has a Uranium processing factory
at Lansdowne & Dupont in Toronto??

Not many of us did, so now we are trying to find a solution.

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To read the original story in Now that broke the news to many of us click on this link 

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We had out first community meeting on November 15th 2012 and are currently planning the next.

At the first meeting we tried to bring in a panel to introduce the subject and educate ourselves of potential dangers. Next we are trying to compile the information we got from the meeting as well as build a Q&A page to try to answer all the questions put forward at the meeting. Keep checking back as we aim to add lots of information here. Our next meeting we will make sure we have a large Q&A forum so that everyone can speak their mind.

Interview with Dr. Jim Deutsch correcting GE's Uraniums "cientism"


Interview with Dr Helen Caldicott speaking about GE Toronto

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