Cameco Uranium AGM Protest by Committee for Future Generations

Saskatoon Wednesday May 28 2014

"We raised our voices against the ecological damage and health impacts of the nuclear industry here and around the world, a nuclear industry in which Cameco is a significant player."

"Despite a corporate strategy that has included millions spent attempting to secure community consent in northern communities as well as the province of Saskatchewan, we are here to inform Cameco that their presence on northern Indigenous communities is not tolerated. Although Cameco has attempted for years to move public opinion in their direction through the spread of misinformation, we are challenging the myths that uranium mining and nuclear power are environmentally sound, economically viable, safe and peaceful".

Cameco has:
· Produced toxic tailings ponds and effluent releases on northern Dene and Cree lands
· Endangered the lives of workers and community members who have been misinformed on mining risks
· Made roads hazardous through the transport of toxic nuclear substances
· Increased the threat of nuclear accidents like Fukushima by supplying fuel for nuclear power plants
· Played a direct role in the accumulation of low, medium and high-level nuclear wastes to which there is no known safe storage solution.