Dan Rudka: Injured Uranium Processing Worker Abandoned by USW

"I guess that they were serious..."

Received a phone call from Toronto General Hospital, the transplant department, they gave me the dates that I will start testing to qualify for a double lung transplant. It's not that this is news, some months ago this had been discussed, and I have already had one visit to the transplant department, but todays call hit home somewhat more. 

Right now I feel that I could hold off, but twelve weeks ago this possible transplant couldn't happen soon enough. So in reality, I need this to happen because every setback the recovery is longer with complications.

And how did this get so serious, when I was doing quite well - for a nuclear exposure victim? Second time around there is no mistake in what is happening. First exposure was confusing, didn't know what was happening to me! Second time around? Most certainly I was reacting to inhalation exposure. Eventually the cause to be expected as a result of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the medical evidence and timing support this.

Nuclear material from Cameco, in Port Hope was my first exposure. And some of this material discovered in my body was not licenced by the CNSC to be worked with by Cameco. Example, spent reactor fuel being recycled. Most certainly this material was Cameco's, which they admitted too at a CNSC hearing in Oshawa, some time later. But somehow, no one is responsible?

Even the Cameco VP of Operations that shared with me, that he had knowledge of my method of exposure!

Lungs + uranium (any isotope) = death divided by transplant = no guarantee*
*other than guaranteed shortened life expectancy, regardless of outcome.

For the last nineteen years, including future prospects,
a BIG THANK YOU to Cameco, the CNSC, and the never present Steelworkers!


-Dan Rudka