"T☢r☢nt☢ nuclear facility poses n☢ health risk" NOT!!!!!!!!!!

GE-Hitachi 1025 Lansdowne Ave Uranium Fuel Processing Plant in Toronto

Here is an update on the GE-Hitachi situation: 

In advance of the public hearing/annual review into the license of both GE-Hitachi Toronto and GE-Hitachi Peterborough set for December 10 and 11 at Toronto's Yorkdale Holiday Inn, the CNSC has interpreted very limited data to claim  "Toronto nuclear facility poses no health risk"


However, there is a huge discrepancy between the provincial ministry of the environment finding no exceeding of background levels of uranium at 2.5 ppm and the CNSC/GE findings that there is contamination, up to 21 ppm which is just shy of the 23ppm limit for residential areas, but arguing the rail line and GE fall under a commercial standard of 33ppm?

Yet speaking to the Toronto Star, Toronto Public Health's officer of environmental toxicology has stated "The highest levels, around 15 parts per million, were on GE Hitachi property, says Lachapelle, suggesting the uranium emitted by the plant’s stack during processing doesn’t go very far." http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2013/06/02/ge_hitachi_uranium_plant_on_lansdowne_ave_to_have_soil_samples_taken_this_summer.html 

Considering the discrepancies between the results from the province, GE, and the regulator, these tests are unreliable. 

"why not do a comparative review of other jurisdiction's standards in hopes of demonstrating the current one is unprotective? Why not check the City's view on which standards - residential or commercial - apply? Maybe the most protective standard applies when there is mixed zoning?"
Is this acceptable for children living right next to the plant?  
also how does the soil get contaminated, what is the pathway, does the contamination find its way into people's lungs?

Dr. Jim Duetsch has written to MPP Schein to say "I request that testing be done scientifically and in a transparent manner, to track emissions from the source, into air, water, and soil. History is full of examples, from many jurisdictions, of industry-government collusion and shoddy standards that enable harmful practices to be continued."

And of coure GE Hitachi refuses to name or provide any information about their Independent 3rd Party Monitor consultants, because they do not have permission from that third party, they claim, to release that data, which may implicate the reputation of this firm whoever they may be. 

"The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) released today its soil sampling results which concludes that there are no health risks associated with uranium in soil as a result of the operations of the GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Canada Inc.’s (GEH-C) Toronto facility.

Results show that uranium releases from the GEH-C facility are not impacting human health or the environment—all results are below the accepted standards and guidelines and often below the natural background levels of uranium in Ontario soils.

Read the news release: