December 10-11 Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in Toronto re: GE-Hitachi

Opportunity to SHUT IT DOWN!
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The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will hold a hearing reluctantly at the request of MP Cash and MPP Schein.  NDP MPP and Environment Critic Peter Tabuns has said that politicians respond to two things; reward and punishment.  With that in mind please join GE-Hitachi Uranium Secret Campaign to Shut it Down in congratulating and thanking Jonah, Andrew, and their staff for their hard work over the past year. 

How can you participate in the December 10-11 Meeting at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale?

If you have any questions there is a CNSC employee who has earned the reputation as helpful and cooperative amongst nuclear intervenors, her name is Louise Levert, the director of public interventions. She will do her best to answer any of your questions
And so will we, contact Zach NoCameco Ruiter at

For information:

Go to the CNSC website

You will find this document "Notice of Participation at a Commission Meeting"

Interventions by writing are due November 15 2013, this is also the date to indicate that in addition to your written intervention you intend to make an in-person presentation to the Commission.  If you want to make a written intervention only that is okay but you cannot make an oral presentation without having first submitted a written intervention.

Here is where you can submit it

To review the information GE-Hitachi has put out there visit their website

Review the CNSC's regulatory report on Class 1b Nuclear installations by e-mailing the commission for a copy, you can also request a printed copy mailed to your address E-DOCS-#4213565-CMD 13-M51 - CNSC Staff Report on the Performance of Canadian Uranium Fuel Cycle and Processing Facilities 2012.PDF 

VIDEO LINK to a Mini-documentary on this issue:

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