"Yours Truly" Talk to the Hand Cuz the Ministry Don't Want to Understand

A bull dozer has feverishly been removing soil across across the street from 1025 Landsdowne, land formerly occupied by GE.  Davenport residents were informed the soil was contaminated and since March the soil has been leaving by truck and new soil has come in its place.  Were the results of the soil tests made available to the public? was the soil tested for radioactivity?  Is it unreasonable to work from the body and go from there? the body knows no units of measurement for toxins, no jurisdictional splits, no acceptable levels, or probabilistic risk assessments, our bodies know health and illness, can we not look at our whole environment? look at all the risk factors? all the contaminants together which act in concert in toxic exposure?  Why is it so hard to get soil sampling done? its been since October 2012 that residents have rang alarm bells - why the delay? shouldn't people deserve a right to know if their environment is healthy no matter where they live?  Funny thing about the environment is that its "out there" always outside of us, external, but we live in our environment, our environment is inside of us as we are from it and part of it. 

The second image and text following it is a screen grab, many stakeholders received an e-mail from the Ministry of Environment today telling them to wait until the fall for results, that the results will be on the website, standard Kafkaesque bureaucratic aporia.  

I say we need to have a people's hearing into the future of the GE plant.  

We need you to step up with your talent and skills.  Everyone in Toronto needs their Erin Brockovich moment.  

Here is a picture that shows a school a few blocks away from GE.  The children at Regal Heights school don't know they are inhaling air mixed with the emissions of GE and are entered often by their proximity in a reverse lottery to inhale alpha emitting uranium metallic particles.  


In the meantime we are letting down our children and putting them at risk, they know better, and so do we.  

Its time to work together

Contact, we need your support - whatever way you can offer it! (desperately need someone to bottom line the creation of lawn signs)
- Zach Ruiter on behalf of GE-Hitachi's Uranium Secret Activists

here is the text of the e-mail including contact information, it was signed by Rod Adams "yours truly":

"Adams, Rod (ENE) <Rod.Adams@ontario.ca>
1:50 PM (9 hours ago)

The Ministry of the Environment (ministry) would like to provide you with an update on the soil sampling program that has been conducted in the vicinity of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy facility located at 1025 Lansdowne Avenue.

On June 11, 2013, the ministry, Toronto Public Health and Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission representatives met to discuss possible sampling locations.  It was agreed that sampling would focus on public spaces (municipal right of ways, boulevards, and parks) that were representative of the community in the vicinity of the GE Hitachi facility.

The following principles were considered: the potential for transport of elemental uranium, prevailing winds, distance from source, the results of air dispersion modelling and accessibility, coupled with the professional judgment of the ministry's senior terrestrial assessment scientist. 

The ministry commenced the soil sample collection on June 12, 2013, and completed the collection on June 13, 2013.  Samples were collected from various depths at 24 locations which resulted in 180 samples being collected. 

Processing of the samples, which includes drying, prior to testing for uranium, has recently been completed and the samples have been submitted to the ministry’s laboratory for analysis.

The final report on the results of the sampling program is expected in the fall and will be available on the ministry’s website. 

The ministry will continue to provide updates as additional information becomes available.

Should you have any questions or require clarification about the soil sampling program, please contact me at rod.adams@ontario.ca or at 416-326-5536.

Yours truly

Rod Adams
Toronto District Office
Ministry of the Environment
5775 Yonge Street - 9th floor
Toronto, Ontario
M2M 4J1
rod.adams@ontario.ca "