Soil Testing is Rigged! Air Emissions = Chief Health Concern

"Barbara Lachapelle, a Toronto environmental health officer who has reviewed the GE Hitachi data, says uranium levels are well below accepted standards.

Samples from the community in 2011 showed uranium at 2.3 to 2.5 parts per million, a level that can normally occur in soil throughout Ontario, says Lachapelle. The accepted standard in soil around a residence or in a park is 23 parts per million.

The highest levels, around 15 parts per million, were on GE Hitachi property, says Lachapelle, suggesting the uranium emitted by the plant’s stack during processing doesn’t go very far.
Lachapelle toured the plant twice this year with local federal and provincial politicians as well as representatives from the environment ministry and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission."

(highly recommend watching the Global News video, it plays like GE's PR)