People's Oversight of Soil Sampling

Ministry of Environment conducting soil sampling is a victory for this campaign; it means they are reacting to our demands for accountability; it means we are steering the discourse for public health over industry profit.  It is acknowledgement that GE-Hitachi are cheeky lying sociopaths that cannot be trusted to honestly report on their own pollution.  We congratulate Minister Bradley on ordered soil sampling but request he take it further to full comprehensive testing, to (in his words) "reassure" the public.  

Most of GE's property is covered in concrete, if looking for contaminated soil, why not take samples at spots where there is obvious runoff from GE's property?

-why test only soil? why not comprehensive testing?
-how does soil become contaminated? air emissions? why not test directly at the air emissions stack?
-do the low-income residents of two apartment towers directly in the path of the uranium air emissions not factor into the equation?
-no accountability or trust in Ministry, no transparency for methodology
-ministry standards set for industry to operate with impunity
-no elevated uranium levels are safe
-Toronto Public Health refusing to do any comprehensive analysis
-Where are the health studies or scrutiny of GE's data and monitoring methods?

contact your irresponsible authorities and demand comprehensive testing based on the precautionary principle