Recap of 4 Public Meetings on GE's West-Toronto Uranium Secret!

 After four public meetings the community wants to shut down GE's West-Toronto Uranium Secret!

  Generally Evil's VP of Communication Kim Warburton

Unlike Port Hope (Cameco), Peterborough (GE-H), Pickering and Durham (OPG), which are economically reliant on the nuclear industry, West-Toronto has exposed GE-Hitachi's uranium deception and asked it to leave, 
the only question remains, is when?  
GE - Leave Town!

Meeting # 4 Hosted by MP Andrew Cash  
at New Horizons 1140 Bloor Street West

Live-streamed and instantly archived by OCCUPY TORONTO TV(2hours 44minutes)

December 8 2012, GE's Toronto Uranium Secret, 4th public meeting! the community asked tough questions and unlike those communities reliant on the nuclear industry, this community including their provincial and federal representatives would not accept the reasoning of GE-Hitachi nor their buddy-buddy regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

According to one resident "The verdict was clear - GE/Hitachi did not fulfill the terms of their license as regards public information. CNSC should immediately revoke the license on these grounds. They, the regulators, should also be held accountable for failing to verify the claims of the company that they had informed the public. There is no trust between the community and GE/Hitachi or the CNSC."

Meeting # 3 "Open House" Hosted by GE-Hitachi  
at Lithuanian House 1573 Bloor Street West

November 22nd 2012, GE's P.R. Damage Control team at work, sets up a presentation-center display 4 hour long open house.  Visitors were expected to RSVP and indicate their home addresses in advance.  Residents were invited by note cards delivered to two or three surrounding streets.  Residents were outnumbered by GE staff, police officers, private security, and private consultants n a  three-to-one ratio.  GE's Safety and Environmental Compliance Manager Paul Desiri refused to answer questions on video, and CEO Peter Mason evaded questions, "I have no idea where it goes, that is something you'd have to ask the city" said GE CEO Peter Mason to Angela Bischoff's question asking where the uranium sewer emissions go, such as the 8kg of uranium put down the sewer in the last five years?

Meeting #2 Grassroots Public Meeting 
at The Davenport-Perth Community Centre 1900 Davenport Road

Livestreamed by Documentary Filmmaker Dee Shanger for OCCUPY TORONTO TV (click refresh a few times if there is trouble loading)

November 15th 2012, hosted by Junction Triangle Area Mothers Dawn Withers and Sheila Muir.  Attended by MP Andrew Cash, MPPs Jonah Schein and Cheri DiNovo, and City Councillor Cesar Palacio.  Moderated by Angela Bischoff, speakers included Simon Paul Dene on the impacts of uranium mining on his territory, Amanda Lickers from Food Not Bombs on long-term exposure to low-dose radiation, Kyra Bell-Pasht on the Canadian Environmental Law Association's experience with nuclear regulation in Canada, Derrick Kelly from Families Against Radiation Exposure on the lies of the industry in Port Hope which supplies GE-H the uranium, Roy Brady from Council of Canadians on GE's public consultation record, Heather Marshall on Toronto Environmental Alliance's work with the Community Right to Know, and Zach NoCameco Ruiter on GE's denial of the possibility of a radiological accident at the 1025 Lansdowne site.  There was little time left for questions and the community got on the move and held their elected officials and the multi-national owned uranium processing facility to account!

Meeting # 1 Hosted by Dupont Improvement Group 
at the Bloor Gladstone Library 1101 Bloor Street West

Video #1 'The Solution to Pollution is NOT Dilution'
Video #2 'Community Right to Know - GE's Uranium Secrets'
Video #3 'Right to be Ticked Off - GE's Uranium Secret'
Video #4 'GE Speaks 'a little better'
Video #5 'Relocating? GE's Uranium Secret'

November 14, 2012
NOW Magazine writer, Saul Chernos who originally broke the story in the article "GE's West-Toronto Uranium Secret" recapped the subsequent meeting in an article titled "Community Revs for Fight Against Uranium Plant"

Chernos writes:

"The Wednesday event at the Bloor Gladstone Library was decidedly balanced, with two GE-Hitachi reps, all three levels of government, and Zach Ruiter, who opposed GE-Hitachi’s sister operation in Peterborough and has since moved to Toronto.
Ruiter and Paul Desiri, health and safety manager for GE-Hitachi’s dually-licenced facilities, squared off over science and safety issues, with a tone that was decidedly civil. Desiri said GE-Hitachi met all regulatory requirements for public consultation, but conceded this clearly wasn’t enough and “it’s obvious we need to do some work.”
One resident said he and his neighbours did extensive research about the neighbourhood before buying into the area, yet never found out. He blamed the regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, in part, and suggested that GE-Hitachi’s recent ten-year licence renewal should not be valid."