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G.E.s Uranium Secret – Toronto West-end Community Meeting

In recent weeks, west-end residents have been alarmed to learn of the existence of a uranium powder to pellet processing facility in their neighbourhood. A Facebook group was established – which soon ballooned to almost 500 – and soon after, an event was planned for:

Thur. Nov. 15, 6 p.m. residents gather at the GE plant, 1025 Lansdowne (north of Dupont)
and march together to the Davenport-Perth Community Centre for a 7 p.m. meeting (1900 Davenport).

Dawn Withers, parent from the Junction Triangle will welcome attendees
Zach Ruiter will give the overall context of the plant
Simon Paul Dene from Saskatchewan will address the hazards of uranium mining
Amanda Lickers will address Health Impacts
Roy Brady of SAGE (Safe and Green Energy Peterborough) will address the GE sister plant in Peterborough
Kyra Bell-Pasht of Canadian Environmental Law Association will address regulation and legal issues
Heather Marshall, Toxics Campaigner from Toronto Environmental Alliance will address Right-to-Know

The GE Hitachi uranium processing plant was built in the late 60’s when the area was an industrial zone. Since then, the area has developed into a high density residential neighbourhood. Local residents are asking if this plant belongs in the centre of the city, and what the potential health and environmental risks are. Questions and concerns by local residents lead organizers to plan the first of a series of community meetings to learn more about the risks associated with the plant.

Campaigner Zach Ruiter said: “GE testified at the nuclear safety hearings (in 2010) that Torontonians are satisfied with their public consultation on this uranium processing plant. However, I couldn't find anyone living in the area who knew about the uranium. Now, community members are questioning the company’s other sworn statements on environmental monitoring and safety.”

Event Facebook page:  (over 200 people expected!)
Group Facebook page:  (over 500 people participating!)

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