Dr. Jim Deutsch Corrects GE's Uranium Secrets

Interview with Dr. Jim Deutsch, MD, PhD, FRCP(C) Assistant Professor Faculty of  Medicine University of Toronto

"I think it is important to take apart what the GE spokesperson quoted, which is that uranium is a natural entity and that the problem is not uranium but the general public's so to speak fear of the unknown.

So there is a problem with that.
It is true that uranium is a naturally occurring element , but we evolved as biological creatures above ground with virtually all of the uranium below the ground safely away from our DNA.

Now we are bringing all of this stuff above ground in different forms
and it goes into the body.

And uranium is an emitter that will release particles with energy that can damage the DNA and various tissues and organs in the body close up.

When the GE people talk about that living next to the reactor is about equivalent to one flight from Toronto to Vancouver
they are talking about gamma radiation which is a high energy radiation that can penetrate tissues and pass right through.

What is happening with uranium and the reactors which produce 200 isotopes that never existed before humankind created them.

What those various isotopes do is they go to specific organs in the body and reside there emitting lower energy particles that will damage the molecules within the cells in the tissues in those organs.

Children are especially susceptible, especially newborns and pregnant mothers."