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Here are a few key points that should answer your questions.

Facts on signage for GEH-C

· Section 21 of the CNSC’s Radiation Protection Regulations, “Posting of Signs at Boundaries and Points of Access,” prescribes when and where signage is required by licensees.

· Depending on the amount(s) of nuclear substance(s) present or the potential for radiation exposure, licensees are required to post signs with the radiation warning sign (trefoil) and the words “Rayonnement – Danger – Radiation” at the boundary of every point of access to an area, room, enclosure or vehicle.

· No radiation warning sign is required at the site boundary of GEH-C’s Toronto facility since the conditions requiring the posting of radiation warning signs pursuant to section 21 of the Radiation Protection Regulations are not present.

· Essentially, no external signage is required because there is no radiation risk to the public outside of the building.

· However, the CNSC encourages its licensees to proactively communicate with communities and interested persons. There is nothing preventing GEH-C from posting signage regarding its nuclear activities at the Toronto facility.

Facts on GEH-C being designated a medium risk facility

· The CNSC considers the overall risk from GEH-C’s Toronto facility to be low since the facility only uses natural uranium, which means there is no possibility of a nuclear-related accident.

GEH-C has been assessed to be at the lower end of medium risk facilities based on the facility handling a large quantity of uranium oxide powder.

· Potential hazards for all activities at the facility have been identified and addressed in their safety analysis report. GEH-C is required to put extra safety controls to address the risk from the handling uranium powder and hydrogen gas.

· The CNSC has confirmed that these programs are working as designed and the risks to workers and the public are well managed.


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